The Life Audit Challenge
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Now let’s face the reality…Modern life is demanding. 

It can sometimes feel so overwhelming just to keep up with the pace of it. All too often we are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we forget to take a step back and evaluate the bigger picture.  

It’s so important that we take the time to check in with ourselves to make sure our life is going in the direction we want it to so we aren’t getting stuck in a robotic cycle where we are bogged down with pointless tasks that really hold no value or importance in our life.

Time to take the reigns and find our true purpose!


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No matter which stage in your life you are at whether you just graduated from university, started a new career path or became a mummy for the first time. I think anyone can benefit from the simple process of a life audit.  

I want you to join me in this 5 day challenge where we take time to gain clarity just before the turn of the new year.  

This way we can make sure that 2019 is our...  



What we shall cover in these 5 epic days...

Day 1: What am I actually doing? Am I happy? Am I sharing my awesome with the world? Can I do more of that? We'll be checking back on this year.... all your wins and all your stretches. We'll create space for what's to come and begin to clear out any negativity that may be harbouring within us.

Day 2: It's release of my SHIT HOTNESS day. I am going to take you through exactly how awesome you are. We are going to delve into your heart and find the truth of what this life may hold for you. Did you know that you are in control of everything....every thought, every feeling....Let's choose HAPPY!

Day 3: So we have found our calling now we research. How do I get what I want now. Can I collaborate? Can I ask for help & guidance? How much does it all cost? How do I reach for it! 

Day 4: Plan!!! Ok we've made it to day 4 now we actually plan this baby out!

Day 5: An exclusive invite to our special webinar where we shall take..action, action, action! x

Included in this 5 day challenge: 

*20+ page workbooks/worksheets/guidance notes/diagrams, spread over 5 days and sent directly to your mailbox.

*An exclusive webinar invitation upon completion. 

*24/7 Facebook community! 

Help will also be at hand as I'll be there to answer any questions and offer any guidance and advice. 

You are an amazing woman..I want you to realise that and that is the goal by the end of this guide! Let's do this!


Who is Jen Hardie...  

Digital Marketer, Business Strategist, Coach, Author & Published Writer....

As a serial entrepreneur and abundance hacker, Jennifer is on a mission to serve 1 million women, around the globe, who are ready to step into their best selves.  

As a mother of 3, she understands the pressures of motherhood whilst building an empire and wants to ensure that women realise that you can absolutely have it all! It's a case of working smarter not necessarily harder.  

Jennifer first began her career as a musical theatre performer taking on lots of freelance contracts in theatre, teaching and choreography. Her first business was a musical theatre school which began with only 5 children and grew rapidly over the course of 3 years. She started with only a sound system and a desire to give youngsters a solid foundation in theatre arts.  

She then began a Health and Beauty network marketing business initially as some extra pocket money. 3 years in and she had grown to one of the top 10 business owners in Scotland.  

Because of the freedom of growing her online business she now been able yo explore her other passions and business ideas including a womenswear label "Ruby Joyas" launching next year, "That's my crown" - an incredible online platform/ magazine and soon to be scholarship fund for entrepreneurial women, a music project, a collaborative ever changing creative space called EVOLVE, as well as commercial modelling for model team Scotland.  

Realising her passion for making women feel on top of the world she put together an online Digital Marketing Programme helping women understand the tech and strategies behind growing their businesses to 6 figures and beyond. Her heart absolutely lies within coaching, empowering other women to step into their greatness and realise their true potential. She believes it’s time we stand up to celebrate the rise of the renaissance woman! 

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© 2017 | Legal Information: Jennifer takes no responsibilty for the individual joining the challenge, finding their true purpose in this lfe, increased daily happiness, energy levels, self love and joy throughout this process! :)